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Thank you to all

who sent lovely birthday greeting. The party was the bestest ever. I had about 60 people there and the food worked out just right. Oh, and the weather was just perfect. I thank my friend Ken for that. I received lots of great gifts of beer and wine and other pressies, but I think this is the greatest... from my nephews. They went to Hogwarts.....

and just whose wand is it????????

I think I am getting geeked...

I decided to throw my own birthday party for my 60th as I didn't want to be surprised. I am having it over to my parents house as they have a nicer and bigger venue, especially if it rains(and my yard floods when somebody sneezes...oops, that is when my power goes out, but you get the idea)
I have invited my sailing friends, my theater friends, my softball friends, my work friends and my family. I think I have over 60 people who may be there.
Oh, and I am virtually inviting all my LJ friends on 6/28 from 2-6 pm. I won't be able to chat you up til later, but feel free to indulge in all the vegan and non-vegan food and beverages.
I am thinking of making a quiz of "how well do you think you know Carol" as a sort of an ice breaker thingy and my LJ friends will get all my fen questions correct.

Blue Point Race

Soooo, some of you may not know that crew member Mary fell and broke her wrist last week. She had surgery yesterday with the hand surgeon that I work for so she will be fine...however this means she will be out of commission for a while. ( I am hoping that she will be okay for the Mac Race)
The big problem is that there are only three of us on the boat: Art. Mary and me. So today we were going to race with only two and I was a bit scared. Fortunately, Art found someone to help. But not only was Josh very green but he got sea-sick and threw up for half the race. ( okay, there were small craft warning out and it was lumpy)
And twice we were almost run into by boats not paying enough attention. We yelled "Starboard!" more times today that we have in 5 years.(The boats on the starboard tack have right of way and the approaching boat has to yield and get out of the way...but nobody seemed to remember this today) And one of the boats that almost hit us today hit another boat about 2 hours later.
But......... we took a First Place!


Gussie on the half shell

I will just have to hug him when he jumps out.


I guess I still do....

slash Gibbs and Ducky, as I was watching NCIS Sub Rosa from 2003 today and Gibbs said to Ducky, "What have you got for me that is new Ducky?", and plot bunnies that have laid dormant for months appeared on the horizon.
And, even bar the slash was a great episode.


My hair is the longest it has been in a while, and I actually took time today to style my hair and put on make-up
I guess that is why it bothered me soo much that the clerk at the Bagel store said "May I help you sir?"



At a conference called "Spices as Natural Medicines"
Best part so far is that the presenter races on sailboats and has been showing lots of cool racing piccies.

Virginia Woolf

Long Sunday has commenced.....this show has been fraught with fraught from the get-go.
I will happy to have it over


The Wedding

So, it turned out very nice. I wish that sometime in my life I would feel as happy as Kenny and Teresa looked through the whole ceremony.
The reception was great. My brother Bill rocked the house when he did his karaoke "I'm Sexy and I Know It."
I will try to figure out how to get the vid here.

++++++++++++++severe whine alert++++++++++++

Under a cut so you don't have to listen. and please feel free not to respond, I just feel better telling someone this, and dear LJ family you are good listeners.
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