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Hornblower on the Radio

To all my Hornblower and Bush friends... I found an old timey radio site with Sir Michael Redgrave as Horatio.
The first episode I listened to was of the Court of Inquiry from Lt. Hornblower with lots of William.


I am not sure if the linky will work, but just Google Old radio Horatio Hornblower and it should lead you there.

Fun stuff even if it takes a bit of poetic license with the novel


Anybody watching the Paralympics? Inspiring......


Kismet beat Chippewa.... we have been trying for about 15 years to do this. It was a beyoo-tiful day for a sail!


The Great Escape is on TCM right now.


Our view with dinner last night

our sunset on Grand lake and our cozy room at the B and B


Well, I have been done with radiation for 2 weeks. I went in for a skin check as scheduled and the itchiness and slight pain I have are all normal.
Last Friday, I had a major melt-down and was afraid that I had gotten mean and crabby again. Through the course of surgery and all, I have been pretty chipper, especially for me as I can be rather mean and crabby a lot. I was really enjoying the being happy.. and I was feeling real happiness again, and I haven't felt that in a looong time.
I called the Cancer Resource line and of course everybody was out until this week. But I had a talk with the person I got mean and crabby at and found an article from a breast cancer survivor that I actually read and it made me feel better. I found ( duh) that I am not alone in feeling what I am feeling and I am at a place that could be called the "new normal" for me.
I still haven't told my parents, and am really debating whether or not to tell my cousin who is coming in for the big graduation party this weekend. T tell the truth, I am afraid that she will tell her Mom( my aunt) and then my aunt will tell my Mom.
Thank you again my LJ friends for being there for me.

Bell Ringing ceremony

Of course I started to cry

Update and Happy Birthday to me

Well, my big birthday surprise is that I am done with radiation today. The Doctor said no "boost" so it was only 16 treatments.
When you are all done, a staff person reads you the certificate and you ring the bell on the wall. ( I have piccies on my cell phone, but the dumb thing crashed today) It is a beautiful sounding bell and I gave it a good clang and it hummed for a long time afterwards. I of course cried. And my friend who had the 7:12 time before me stayed to be part of it. She cried too. It was a very emotional thing. I have to take hormone blockers for awhile, and do follow up appointments. But I can just move on now with regular stuff.



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