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Hallowen 2014


Zombie paint-ball hayride

Brendan ( my 13 year old nephew) and I had a great night last night. we had a scrummy dinner of shwarma wraps and garlic sauce. then we went to the haunted orchard and hunted zombies from a flat bed truck with paintball guns. Then we finished the night with apple cider slushies and fresh cinnamon donuts.
can it get any better?

Happy Birthday, Sparky!

mack 2014 start
Napoleon and Illya just realized that they were very late in wishing you a Happy Birthday!
um..the sirens and smoke will cough.. stop soon..


Things important to me.

This is about an indie movie being made about a man who was a Bishop in Detroit. One of his best friends was one of my best friends. Please just view the site. I just want people to know about it.


Happy Birthday Aneuhaus!

mack 2014 start
Oh, I am so sorry for being a shoddy and non-writing friend! Hope your day is wonderful


mack 2014 start
I have my own car again.
new car 2014

5-speed, moon roof, hatch-back.

No Sirius radio, but hey I can Synch my I-pod and phone.

Tuxedo Black exterior and Black interior.
Pretty, isn't she?


season ending....

mack 2014 start
Well, the Captain of KISMET told us today before the race that this was our last race of the season because he was going to have surgery on his shoulder.
We went out to race in Fall One and about 5 minutes before our start we were T-boned by a 30 square boat. She is very low to the water and her bow is very sharp. It was a bit surreal and in slow motion, but the noise when she hit us was incredibly loud. Mary fell down from the cockpit to the below deck, but other than some bumps and bruises, I think she is okay.
Mary was watching the bow of the boat pierce our side and she said that it reminded her a bit of JAWS when the shark was attacking the ORCA.
The captain of the other boat said that she never saw us. We all saw her coming at us. We were on Starboard and had right of way. So I think insurance should cover it. I am hoping that they don't "total" her.
So far this August, I am sans a car and a sailboat. Mayhaps I should just walk to things and give up vehicles.


Boats and cars...

mack 2014 start
Getting ready to go on the Night race, which oddly enough is raced at night. I am hoping for light winds and no rain. I think we only have Art, Mary and me as crew.
I heard from my insurance about my car that got stuck in the flood waters on August 11. It is totaled. I still owe on it. After the assessment, there is a gap, but not as bad as I thought.
Sheesh, I wanted to get a new car this fall, but not this way.
I will let you know when I get the new one.


Ice Bucket challenge

mack 2014 start
There is this challenge going around in the US to raise money for the ALS foundation.
Here is my contribution.




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