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Update on remodeling

My current kitchen/dining/living room during the remodeling. Odd having the appliances next to the couch. Easier snacking I suppose.
But the electrician was in yesterday and updated all the plugs. So know when I turn the outside light on, I won't accidently turn on the garbage disposal


Kitchen remodeling

Please remind me never to remodel the kitchen again. so far the water has been off and the power has been off twice. I keep telling myself that the finished product will be worth the hassle ...and the money



Well MAME is closed after eleven shows. We had a matinee and an evening show yesterday. I am proud of the show. It was lots of physical work. Every time Mame changed her clothes, her furniture and the pictures on the wall changed. We had a 13 foot sofa, an eleven foot tall bookcase, a four foot by four foot desk, two flying pieces that were counter- weighted with nearly 200 pounds, and a fourteen foot long, twelve foot high, five foot wide movable staircase that magically disappeared into the wing space, and a flying moon with Mame on it.
It was well received and I heard many comments on how smooth the set changes were. That is a very rare compliment to hear.
So... I have another show to stage manage in January DOUBT. And I have already heard from the President of the theater group that they are prepared to replace the director if need be. Sheesh, they have been rehearsing for a whole week and already things have gone bad? Out of one frying pan and into another, I guess.


Good news! The Doppler for the leg pain came back negative for blood clots and the pathology reports from the biopsy were all negative! I don't have to worry for 6 months when I get another MRI or Mammogram.
Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.
Many *hugs*


This years Dracula

One of the pumpkins


The surgery was six months ago and Dr. Brown likes to have a follow up MRI done. So I had one last week. It showed "something" ergo I get another Ultrasound tomorrow. Dr. Brown isn't worried and said I will be fine, the first MRI often is a little wonky.
I decided that I needed a new family doctor as mine is an idiot. So I went last week to Dr. Mumtaz. She is knowledgeable and pleasant. She ordered up some blood work as I said I am still pretty tired. The blood work only showed that my Vitamin D was low and so are my white blood cells and lymphocytes. That is to be expected after radiation, and probably explains the fatigue.
But I have been having wicked leg cramps during the night and pain and swelling in my legs during the day. So she ordered up an Ultrasound of my legs to rule out blood clots which can happen from taking Tamoxifen.

I have been working for two week straight every night getting MAME ready to open. Which we did last Friday. So I can catch up on sleep and house work.
I will keep you posted on the results of the Ultrasounds. Which does have me a tad bit worried.


well, that was a long day, but thanks to great help backstage we made it through. We also were given six new pieces of furniture that had to be moved on and off the stage. We just got this stuff at noon. One of the sofas is 13 feet long. we have no wing space so all the first act stuff has to go to the green room and at intermission has to be switched out for the second act. It was only a 12 hour day. I get to go back after work tomorrow and tweak stuff. We have a rehearsal on Tuesday. The director is threatening to take down the masking T bars and put up a flat. He thinks pushing a curtain to the side looks too "community theater"

wish me luck

Today is tech Sunday for MAME a Michael Gravame productions. Those of you who have known me awhile know that these shows are usually great for the audience but hell on the techies. This one is about tops so far.
I had an MRI yesterday that I dreaded less than today.
Will post later tonight, if I am still sane....

Hornblower on the Radio

To all my Hornblower and Bush friends... I found an old timey radio site with Sir Michael Redgrave as Horatio.
The first episode I listened to was of the Court of Inquiry from Lt. Hornblower with lots of William.


I am not sure if the linky will work, but just Google Old radio Horatio Hornblower and it should lead you there.

Fun stuff even if it takes a bit of poetic license with the novel



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