christmas tree


My apologies for not writing anything to anyone in ages. I hope in these strange and odd times you are all healthy and safe.
In my sheltering time I am rereading and re-watching Hornblower. Mostly Forester, but some of my own stuff too.
Virtual hugs to all
christmas tree

Something new

I got a tattoo( that Abby would be proud of) It says "Refuse to Sink"
My birthday is next Thursday. A year ago on that date was my last radiation treatment. I have been cancer free for a year.
christmas tree

Another Long Sunday over

And as long Sundays go, it wasn't too bad. We were done around 9:30 or so. Sometimes they last for 12 hours.
I look great in my costume. Will send a piccie soon. Now if I could just get my 15 lines loud enough and in the right order I will be happy.
We have rehearsal Tuesday and a pre-view audience on Wednesday. We open this Friday. Mostly I am worried about my mammogram on Wednesday morning. Just a yearly one, but since the surgery I freak out that they will find more lumps.
So wish me luck for that and "Break a leg" for the show